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OPEN POSITIONS: Head of Content  & Content Marketing Lead

We are immediately seeking to hire 1 or 2 humans to fill these new roles.



Head of Content

Proven experience launching and scaling digital media properties across editorial, video, podcasts, and social media.


  • Strategic planning of all content, and the overall story arc of the content channel
  • Contributing to the identity of the channel upfront and over time as we publish content
  • Co-creating our brand vibe and sub brand vibes for shows, segments, channels and themes
  • Developing content ideas, content formats and show/segment formats
  • Overseeing all types of editorial content: video, written and podcast content as well as edutainment and edusales content
  • Managing editorial and content calendars
  • Co-creating content with influencers and thought leaders (i.e. functional MDs, and scientists, natural healers)
  • Embrace fast underproduced content as much as you do planned HQ productions
  • Be hands-on with pre-production, story production, production, post-production
  • Have experience managing inhouse and third-party production and edit resources
  • Have experience with unscripted TV content (broadcast or OTT), or comparable
  • Be super fun, happy, positive, creative, collaborative
  • Have a personal growth and personal development practice that helps you show up as your highest-vibration self

    Head of Content Marketing

    Proven expert at distributing short-form video content and blog/article content via the social web (YT, FB, IG, LI, Clubhouse, Google, syndication, PR, influencers) to build engaged audiences on social and on our destination site (app planned too).

    Experience: 3-5 years minimum, with 5-7+ preferred.


    • Content marketing & audience building – target, attract, engage, capture/convert target audiences
    • Planning – creating a content distribution plan and audience development plan that covers social networks and driving website traffic (app someday)
    • Data-driven decisions – lead the company culture around tracking, reporting, analyzing, testing, optimizing. Manage ROI of campaigns and audiences.
    • Optimization – rapid iteration and refinement of our content and marketing
      Growth-hacking mentality – a creative approach to leveraging assets and hitting results, especially as it relates to building true social followings
    • Co-Create Content – work with our Content Creation team to make sure our content performs
    • Social media marketing
    • Social growth hacking
    • Channel partner marketing – working with strategic partners to co-create and co-publish content
    • Influencer marketing – biz dev, planning, implementation
    • Paid media – campaigns to boost content and accelerate growth
    • Messaging that converts – strategic positioning & top-level marketing copy (headlines, ads, hooks, sales points, offers, lead magnets)
    • Tracking, Reporting and analysis – multi-channel attribution
    • Be hands-on – our philosophy is to hire versatile players that can do strategic planning (10%), team management (10%+) and be very hands-on (up to 80%) with implementation. Ratios will shift over time as we grow the team.
    • Show up fully – be super fun, happy, positive, creative, collaborative.
    • Show up for yourself – Have a personal growth and personal development practice that helps you show up as your highest-vibration self.



      You should be a geek about happy, healthy lifestyles, including: natural wellness, biohacking, health hacking, scientific wellness, life optimization, digital businesses (i.e. tech media startups), personalized medicine (i.e. genetics), fitness, vitality, longevity, energetics, psychedelic and plan medicines, and IoT health devices (i.e. fitbit).


      Nice-to-haves for both roles:

      • Movement building – #BLM, #MeToo, Whole30, paleo, keto, TikTok dance challenges, TLS icebucket,, justicedemocrats, small business saturday, Occupy, Standing Rock, cult CrowdFunding campaigns. (Note, our business is not political in nature.)
      • Multi-party campaigns – JVs, online events, membership drives
      • Format-based content – podcasts, hollywood or TV-like formats, shows, webisodes, and other edited content (i.e. Ted Talks, girlboss)
      • Social and community – developing community, conversations, forums, UGC and peer-to-peer engagement (twitch, reddit, fan clubs, etc.)
      • Content-as-sales-conversion – comparison sites, shopping guides, sales funnels, video sales presentations, and other “affiliate traffic generation” tactics
      • Publishing models – building, engaging, retaining audiences for content-centric digital properties
      • Digital goods – marketing guides, online programs, and subscription models such as workout plans, online wellness programs, yoga subscriptions, telemedicine sites/apps, etc.


      We’re a relatively flat organization that fosters naturally arising leadership. We also use circular management, where stakeholders show up together to support the project lead.


      • You’ll report to: Co-founder
      • You’ll manage: In-house and 3rd party production talent, agencies and contractors to start as your department grows over time.
      • Seniority & title: You can be a manager, director, VP or C-level depending on your experience. You must be ready, willing and able to be hands-on with implementation, and be capable of collaborative strategic planning and leading production teams.
      • Location: You will work remotely for the foreseeable future. Most of us are in Santa Monica, CA / West LA.
      • Timezone: You should be willing and able to work in the Pacific Time Zone, with occasional off-hours work required for other timezones.


        We offer competitive startup packages that are commensurate with your experience, the role(s) in question, and whether or not you are FT or PT. (We prefer full time relationships, and are open to half time for the right candidate.)


        • Cash
        • Profit sharing
        • Equity

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          WHY 7HANDS?

          WHO WE ARE

          7Hands is an impact-focused (think bCorp like Patagonia); LA, Hawaii, and Colorado-based venture collective of serial entrepreneurs (natural wellness, tech, media, blockchain, gaming, hemp/cannabis) with multiple exits (philosophy skincare>Coty, StubHub>eBay, Essential Living Foods > Nestle, Kevita>Pepsi, Responsys>Oracle) who are dedicated to activating nature’s intelligence to elevate global health through: Regenerative Wellness, Natural Medicine, Next-generation Technologies.


          We are staffing a stealth-mode media property that creates and curates cutting edge content in partnership with top global thought-leaders and influencers in the areas of: functional medicine, scientifically-validated natural medicine, root cause analysis, telemedicine, IoT device-based health trends (biometrics, fitness tracking, sleep tracking), at home diagnostics (DNA, bio-markers), personalized medicine, and ancient medical systems of the planet: traditional Chinese, Ayurveda, and amazonian medicine.


          We foster a culture of accountability where everyone is a self-starter and team player in an ego-free collaborative environment. Our #1 job is to manage our vibe, and show up fully – which means taking time for ourselves is essential. We stand for unprecedented results, operational excellence and a transforming quality of life, for the business, the team, their families and the planet itself. We are serious about results, and love to have fun. We foster safe space, and embrace “no thing unsaid”.



          We’ve worked with the coolest brands out there (Disney, Xbox, Apple, Nike, The Marley Family), launched the largest tokens (EOS), won awards (Emmy) produced TV shows (Narcos, Godfather of Harlem, Amazing Race, Survivor), and are networked to some of the most impactful groups out there (Summit Series, Neurohacker Collective, Landmark, Burning Man, Davos, World Economic Forum, Esalen Institute, MAPS, Aspen Institute, Pachamama Alliance, Rainforest Action Network, Amazon Watch, Buckminster Fuller Institute, Integral Institute).

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